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Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler

  Vehicle Registration Office
Joint Services Vehicle Registration Office
We serve all Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel assigned to bases and units in Okinawa, Japan. This includes all military, Department of Defense (DoD) Civilians, DoD Contractors, and their authorized dependents. The purpose of this website is to assist you in all matters pertaining to vehicle registration, inspection, and safety standards in accordance with Japanese laws, U.S. Forces Japan Instructions and Marine Corps Installations Pacific Orders pertaining to MCIPAC facilities and area in Okinawa, Japan.

Location: Camp Foster building 5638

Our office hours: Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1630

The Government of Japan (GOJ) services Hours: Monday through Friday from 0900 to 1530. Closed Japanese holidays and during lunch from1130 to 1300. Final Inspector will be closed every Friday Phone number: 645-7481, 645-3963Fax: 645-2405

E-mail: jsvro.mcbb.fct@usmc.mil

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Out-processing Via SPOA

The request to out-process through the Joint Service Vehicle Registration Office (JSVRO) using a SPOA is submitted to JSVRO on Camp Foster.  Its sole purpose is for out-processing while leaving a SPOA to another self-sponsored SOFA member to dispose of your vehicle within 90 days of your departure.

The approval process is handled case by case and may take three to five business days to complete. Please plan accordingly.

The requestor must meet all requirements prior to waiver being approved.


1. The requestor must have the request letter signed off by Battalion Commander (XO with by direction authority

2. Current GoJ inspection also known as a Japanese Title for the vehicle

3. Current year Road Tax receipt (request periods covering Road Tax season must have a plan of action to insure the tax is paid

4. Current JCI coverage.

5. Current PDI coverage.


1. Fill out the request letter as outlined above. Please keep in mind JSVRO deals with all SOFA personnel on island and does not favor one branch’s format.  The blocks above are laid out for the ease of JSVRO staff to complete data entry and validation requirements.  The rest of the template should be in your organization’s format.

2. After the request letter is signed, bring the letter and all supporting vehicle documents to JSVRO for the endorsement.

3. Once you have received JSVRO’s endorsement you will be able to have Legal Services draw up the SPOA.

4. Return to JSVRO with the request letter, the commander endorsement and the signed copy of the SPOA. JSVRO will make copies and sign you checkout sheet.

5. Original documents must be retain with SPOA holder to dispose of the vehicle within 90 days.