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Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler


Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler





  Living Quarters Allowance
  Post Allowance




  Optional Application for Federal Employment - OF 612
  Declaration of Federal Employment
  Applicant Questionnaire
  Application for Ten Point Veteran-Preference - SF 15
  How to Complete RPA (Request for Personnel Action).pdf 
  How to Complete RPA (Request for Personnel Action).docx


  Application Form for Summer Hire Program
  Form I-9  (Section 1, Employee Information & Verification Only)
  Standard Form 181  (Ethnicity and Race Identification)
  Standard Form 256
  Form 1192 Direct Deposit
  Form W-4  (Complete items 1-7 and Sign/Date)
  Form 306  (Declaration of Federal Employment)
  Form 144  (Statement of Prior Federal Service)
  Education, Military Reserve & Language Questionnaire  (Skip #8, Check "Y" on #9)
  Statement of Understanding 
  Condition of Employment Statement 

US Employee & Labor Relations/Benefits Section

  H.R. 313 The Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015
  OPM Director CHCO Memo Wounded Warrior Federal Leave Act 2015
  MCBJ Compensatory Time for Travel (CTT) Request and Approval Form
  MCBJ Compensatory Time for Travel (CTT) Tracking Form
  Overtime Compensatory Time Request and Authorization (7410)
  Rating Official Employee Performance Log
  DoN IPMS Appraisal New OPNAV 12430 6
  Legacy Performance Appraisal (NAVMC 11408)
  Closeout Interim Form Legacy Only (MCB BUTLER 12430)
  Request for Leave or Approved Absence
  Estimated Earnings During Military Service
  Application to Make Service Credit Payment
  Living Quarters Expenditures Worksheet
  Instructions for Accessing EBIS
  Request for Travel Orders
  Request for Emergency Visitation Travel Orders
  Travelling with Pets (Importing Pets into Japan)
  OPM 630A_Within Agency
  OPM 630B_Outside Agency
  VLTP Checklist _Outside Agency
  VLTP Supv Checklist
  FSAFEDS Contributions for 2015 Increase
  Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Enrollment For 2015
  TSP for 2015

US/JN Workforce Development

  Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training
  CMCLC Participant Guidance

JN Employment Section

   Marine Corps Vacancy Announcement Application Form (JN Application Form and Questionnaire)
   Personal History Statement, Part A (USFJ Form 196aEJ)
   Personal History Statement, Part B (USFJ Form 196bEJ)
   Personnel Action Request Official Notification of IHA Personnel Action (USFJ Form 11EJ)
   MLC Personnel Work Order (USFJ Form 186)
   Request for Personnel (IHA) [USFJ Form 31]
   Request for Resignation (USFJ Form 24EJ)

JN Classification

  MLC IHA Position Description (SDB 125111) (Microsoft Word File
  MLC IHA Position Description (SDB 12511 1) (Adobe Acrobat File)

MLC IHA Task List (SDB HRO 12511 2) (Microsoft Word File)

MLC IHA Task List (SDB HRO 12511 2) (Adobe Acrobat File)


JN Employee/Labor Relations

  Leave Application
  Child Medical Care Leave (USFJ Form 8)
  Verification of Memorial Ceremony
  Verification of Death
  Request for Payment of Cash Award (USFJ Form 12)
  MLC & IHA Award Cover Sheet (Adobe PDF) 
  Personnel Action Request Official Notification of IHA Personnel Action (USFJ Form 11EJ)
  Request for Resignation (USFJ Form 24EJ)
  Request for Certificate of Medical Examination [USFJ Form 32EJ]

First-Aid Kit Supply Request 

MLC/IHA First Step Grievance (USFJ Form 17EJ)

  MLC/IHA Second Step Grievance (USFJ  Form 333EJ)
  MLC/IHA Third Step Grievance (USFJ Form 328EJ)
  MLC/IHA Report of Alleged Offense (USFJ Form 329)
  MLC/IHA Request for Grievance Review [USFJ Form 332EJ]
  Record of Employee Counseling


  Japanese Personnel Travel Authorization (USFJ Form 356EJ)

Japanese Personnel Travel Authorization (Cont. Sheet) (USFJ Form 356aEJ)


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