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Please review MARADMIN 015/20 prior to departing your previous PDS for OMPF document requirements.  

E6 and above and Accompanied Join Section

*All second tour Marines should complete the IBI Process with their S-1 via MOL.  Marines should not contact us to schedule an appointment.  The S-1 should contact IPAC to schedule an appointment on behalf of the member if there are issues with IBI and a trouble ticket has been submitted to MISSO.  Once the issues are verified please report with a reporting endorsement.  For Inbound Module Information please review the IBI Member Checklist and for further information please visit our sharepoint


Please reference our New Joins Guide for Audit, Claims, and TLA Information.  Additional TLA Information is listed below. 


IPAC New Joins Guide


Phone Numbers:  DSN 315-645-3411

Commercial:  +81 98 970 3411


Area Clearance Submissions: 

Area Clearance Guide

DSN: 315-645-8512 


***All members should report with a digital copy of their documents. *** 


Unaccompanied E5 and below Joint Reception Center


IPAC JRC Joins Guide

JRC Duty DSN: 315-645-5767 / 5170

Duty Cell: 090-6861-4727

Join and Travel Claim Verification: DSN 315-645-7728

***Unaccompanied E5 and below should report to JRC immediately upon completion of ROM for administrative processing.  Failure to complete JRC could cause pay and leave discrepancies.*** 

Arrival TLA Section

TLA Process

Phone Numbers:  645-7914
Commercial:  +81 98 970-7914


 TitleModified DateSize 
Dependent Port Call Request Guide - Delayed Dependent Travel8/6/2021892.80 KBDownload

Guides and Documents

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