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IPAC Inbound


Inbound Interview (IBI) and Travel Voucher Interview (TVI) process

The Marine Corps introduced the use of Marine Online (MOL) to process Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Joins/Travel Claims in MARADMIN 193/21

The transition from the manual Inbound process to the self-service Inbound Interview (IBI) and Travel Voucher Interview (TVI) process has been fully implemented for all Okinawa based Units.  All Marines arriving to Okinawa are directed to report to their gaining command and utilize this function, except in the categories listed below:

  1. Marines in the accession pipeline (Joint Reception Center, Manual Inbound process)
  2. Marines issued Temporary Duty Under Instruction (TEMINS) Orders (Manual Inbound process)
  3. Reserve Call to Duty,  PCS orders issued in the Marine Reserve Order Writing System (Manual Inbound process)

The servicing MISSO is the first echelon of support for all IBI technical inquires, feedback and system enhancement. IBI and TVI Training Guide are made available on the MISSA/MISSO portal at IPAC Okinawa has also published Checklists and Guides below and

Phone Numbers:  315-645-3411
Commercial:  +81 98 970-3411

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Delay LetterTravel Voucher Interview3/16/202231.66 KBDownload
FSA Form TemplateInbound Interview3/16/2022351.21 KBDownload
IBI Member ChecklistInbound Interview6/5/202240.11 KBDownload
IPAC Okinawa IBI_TVI Information TrifoldInbound interview6/5/20221.03 MBDownload
M2M Data SheetInbound Interview3/16/202228.56 KBDownload
OCONUS Cola FormInbound Interview3/16/2022209.96 KBDownload
Statement In LieuTravel Voucher Interview3/16/202214.48 KBDownload
TLE Data SheetTravel Voucher Interview3/16/2022175.22 KBDownload

Unaccompanied E5 and below - Joint Reception Center


IPAC JRC Joins Guide

JRC Duty DSN: 315-645-5767 / 5170

Duty Cell: 090-6861-4727

Join and Travel Claim Verification: DSN 315-645-7728

***Unaccompanied E5 and below should report to JRC immediately upon completion of ROM for administrative processing.  Failure to complete JRC could cause pay and leave discrepancies.*** 

Arrival TLA Section

TLA Process

Phone Numbers:  DSN 315-645-7914
Commercial:  +81 98 970-7914

***Members arriving without their dependent(s) are not authorized Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF) and must check-in with the BEQ/BOQ.


 TitleModified DateSize 
Dependent Port Call Request Guide - Delayed Dependent Travel8/6/2021892.80 KBDownload

Guides and Documents

Please review MARADMIN 015/20 prior to departing your previous PDS for OMPF document requirement.


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