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Joint Service Vehicle Registration Office
MCB Camp S. D. Butler Camp Foster, Building 5638, Okinawa, Japan

Joint Services Vehicle Registration Office

Hours of Operation

JSVRO Services: 0730-1130 and 1230-1600

GoJ ALPA Payment Services: 0900-1130 and 1230-1530

GoJ LTO Final Inspection - Open Monday-Thursday 0930-1130 and 1230-1530.

AAFES Inspection Lane: 0730-1130 and 1230-1600

Closed on Weekends, Federal, and Japanese Holidays

We serve all Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel assigned to bases and units in Okinawa, Japan. This includes all military, Department of Defense (DoD) Civilians, DoD Contractors, and their authorized dependents. The purpose of this website is to assist you in all matters pertaining to vehicle registration, inspection, and safety standards in accordance with Japanese laws, U.S. Forces Japan Instructions and Marine Corps Installations Pacific Orders pertaining to MCIPAC facilities and area in Okinawa, Japan.

Contact Us

DSN: 645-7481

Cellular: 098-970-7481

Need to complete your GOJ/JCI (Government of Japan) Inspection? Click Here if you want to do your inspection with AAFES behind our building.

Road Tax

Service members, civilians, and other Status of Forces Agreement personnel can pay the annual road tax for their personal vehicles at these locations.

Payments must be in Japanese Yen. -- Checks, credit cards and U.S. currency will not be accepted.

When paying the tax, personnel will be required to have their original vehicle title.

Mini-car and motorcycle taxes must be paid from April 1 to May 31 from 8:30 am to noon and 1-5 pm to local city, town or village offices. Bring the receipt to the Joint Service Vehicle Registration Office or tax collection site to receive the current road tax sticker.

All vehicles not de-registered before April 1 must pay road tax and display the current road tax decal before June 1.


Camp Foster Williams Technical Services, KK.   

Bldg# 5644 AAFES Car Care Center. Inside the Express

Tel: 098-971-4601 (From Off-Base) *& Fax

DSN: 646-4601

mail to:


Camp Foster Autopia Insurance  

1934 Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku-Son

Outside Foster Gate 6. American Legion Bldg 2F (SAM’s Bldg)

Tel: 098-935-4506 (From Off-Base)

Fax: 098-935-4509


Kadena AFB Williams Technical Services, KK.

2-14-22 Ihei, Chatan-Cho

mail to:


Kadena AFB Nakama Agency (U.S Auto   

2-4-5 1F Hamagawa Chatan-Cho

Outside KAB Gate 1

Tel:  098-926-1089 (From Off-Base)


Kadena AFB OTS Insurance       

KAB USO Bldg#337

Tel: 098-938-4279 (From Off-Base)

Fax: 098-937-5338

mail to :


Kadena AFB GEA Insurance       

Kadena Auto Hobby Shop Bldg #1436.     

Tel: 03-4580-0152 (From Off-Base)

DSN: 634-8000-4-7440

mail to:


Kadena AFB GEA Insurance       

Kadena Exchange  

Tel: 080-6499-7678

mail to:


Kadena AFB GEA Insurance       

4-13-1 Chuou Okinawa-City

Off-Base, Near KAB gate 2. Across from Korinza 

Tel: 098-988-7380/7383 (From Off-Base)

mail to:


Kadena AFB BC Used Cars

56-6 Uechi Okinawa-City

Off-Base, Right outside KAB Gate 2

Tel: 098-930-1585 (From Off Base)

Fax: 098-988-5559

mail to:


Camp Courtney   Williams Technical Services, KK.


Tel: 098-954-6308 (From Off- Base)

DSN: 622-6308

mail to:



Camp Hansen Williams Technical Services, KK.


In The Palms

Tel: 090-1086-2710

mail to:



Camp Hansen GEA Insurance      

Hansen USO, Bldg#2214  

Tel: 098-969-5025 (From Off- Base)

DSN: 623-5025

mail to:



MCAS Futenma    GEA Insurance

Futenma USO. Bldg#401  

DSN: 636-5203

mail to:


Marine Corps Base Camp Butler