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TGL Schedule Delay Alert

Effective Friday 16 June 2017, Due to recent gate closures aboard Camp Foster, significant arrival and departure delays (approximately 15 minutes) will effect TGL services aboard all camps. The below routes will be affected on all corresponding camps. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding. For further schedule information call GME Operations at 645-2460/5687 or GME MTC at 645-2855.


TGL Bus Line:                Camps                                               Notes 

      #10                   (Foster - Schwab)

      #14                   (Foster - Hansen)
      #4                     (Foster - Courtney)
      #6                     (Foster - Futenma - Kinser)                            1  
      #2                     (Hansen - Schwab)                      

      #44                   (Camp Foster Intra-Shuttle)                            2


1. For passengers requiring transportation to the southern camps, this route will depart from Camp Foster Exchange bus stop after the TGL #10, #14 , and #4 buses have arrived.  This will allow passengers to transfer to the #6 bus and continue to MCAS Futenma and Camp Kinser.

2. Due to the expected heavy traffic on-base, this may also cause time delays.