PMO Administration

Primary functions of PMO Admin

Contact number - 645-7352

-To ensure that all PMO, Bravo Company and H&S Battalion administrative functions are completed in an accurate and timely manner

-To coordinate the processing and distribution of all departmental correspondence

-To maintain constant communication with management echelons of the department to ensure accurate accountability of personnel

                Additionally, the following functions are also encompassed under the section:

- The review of PMO reports, directives, and correspondence.

- Verify and produce Marine Corps morning reports.

- Maintain the Provost Marshal Directives Control Point.

- Review awards.

- Supervise overall administration and provide administrative support to the sections within PMO.

- Exercise control over check-in/out procedures.

- Review T/O information.

- Maintain all PMO appointment letters and collateral billet lists.

- DTS Organizational Defense Travel functions. 

Marine Corps Base Camp Butler