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IPAC Outbound


Permanent Change of Station (PCS)​​​​​​​

The transfer of a Marine or unit from one permanent station to another; includes the assignment from home or from the place from which ordered to active duty, to first station upon appointment, call to active duty, enlistment, or induction and from last duty station to home or to the place from which the Marine entered the service, placement upon the temporary disability retired list, release from active duty, or retirement. It also includes a duly authorized change in homeport of a vessel or mobile unit. A PCS may either be fully funded (movement of HHG is authorized), or low-cost (movement of HHG is not authorized )




Phone Numbers:  DSN 315-645-7268

Commercial:  +81 98 970 7268



Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA)​​​​​​

PCA is a transfer between MCCs within the same geographical location, wherein the authority to move household goods or the entitlement to travel payment does not exist.



 A general term which includes discharge, dismissal, dropping from the rolls, revocation of an appointment or commission, termination of an appointment, release from active duty, release from custody and control of the Marine Corps, or transfer from active duty to the: IRR, Retired List, or Retired Reserve and similar changes in an active or reserve status.


​​​​​Retirements ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

 Marines eligible to retire/transfer to the FMCR who are issued PCS orders, but who do not accept the orders, must request to retire/transfer to the FMCR. Notification will be provided to CMC (MMOA/MMEA/MMSR) no later than 10 working days after receipt of orders.


Marine Corps Base Camp Butler