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Camp Foster Tax Center


The Camp Foster Tax Center operates under the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance regime – a training and support program administered by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The VITA program offers free tax help to people who generally make $54,000 or less, and certain other persons in need of tax preparation assistance. The Marines at the Camp Foster Tax Center are IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.

Tax Returns can take several hours to complete based upon the level of complexity. Further, our resources require the use of a web-based service that has a high degree of latency and delay and serves to further elongate the overall processing time. Please ensure that you have adequate time to complete your return.  Please see the Updated Tax Center Hours sheet for hours of operation and services provided.  Customers are generally seen on a walk-in basis and the number of clients accepted on a daily basis varies based upon the complexity of the return. Class B and Class C returns are allocated fewer spaces due to the higher demand on resources and length of time for preparation.  Appointments are available on a limited basis. Please see our updated hours for more information.


Beginning on 31 March 2017, the Camp Foster VITA Tax center will be offering expanded hours and appointments for individuals who have otherwise had difficulty accessing the Tax Center resources.

Tax Center Hours will now run as follows:

Monday: 0800-1600

  • Walk-in only. Please note that a remote Tax Center team will also be available on Camp Schwab, BLDG 3327 - Marine and Family Programs in the computer lab on a walk-in basis. Appointments are only offered at the Camp Foster location.


  • 0800-1400 Walk-in customer intake.  

  • 1400-1830: Appointments only

Saturday April 8th and 15th:

  • 1000-1400 by appointment only.


Appointments are intended solely for those individuals who do not have the ability to access walk in hours or who have otherwise attempted to avail themselves of walk-in hours but have been turned away due to capacity issues. As such, the following will be priority clients for appointment slots:

  1. DODDEA Teachers and Government Contractors unable to receive services during normal operating hours.

  2. Other military personnel who are unable to attend walk-in hours due to the nature of their work.

  3. Individuals who have previously attempted to be seen during normal walk-in hours and were told that they could not be seen due to capacity limitations.

    1. Some restrictions may apply, please speak with a member of the Tax Center if you are being turned away about how to properly document the event and ensure that you receive an appointment.

Please Note: Appointments are only available through the Camp Foster Tax Center and are not available to customers of the remote Tax Center team.


Many residents of Okinawa may qualify for an automatic two-month extension! Please review the IRS webpage titled:  “U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad – Automatic 2 Month Extension of Time to File” found at the link below, or consult with a tax center representative to see if you qualify!


Eligible Customers in Priority Order:
(same as for Legal Assistance, 10 U.S.C. sec. 1044)


 - Active Duty Military Personnel

 - Dependents of Active Duty Military Personnel

 - Retired Military Personnel

 - Surviving Spouses of Military Personnel that Died on Active Duty or Retirees

 - DOD Civilian Employees


NOTE:  DOD Contractors are NOT eligible for services.

Tax preparations will be categorized in the following manner:

Class A – Individual Tax returns with sole employer, no dependents, and no alternate sources of income (e.g. interest payments, stock dividends).  Approximate processing time: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Class B – Joint or Head of household returns with up to two employers and common deductions. Approximate Processing time 2-3 hours.

Class C – More complex returns requiring additional investigation. These will include multiple ongoing sources of income, business earnings, international tax questions, or multiple jurisdictions, etc.  Approximate processing time 3-4 hours.

Class D – Complex tax returns. These are defined as any return that the individual preparer believes places your return outside of the scope of the VITA program as determined by the relevant IRS guidelines. Class D returns will not be filed through this office.

Wait times and availability of slots will be contingent upon the class to which your tax return is assigned. Please note that resources are limited and that appointments are not available at this time.


Services Provided:


- Federal income tax preparation and e-filing


 - State income tax preparation and e-filing


 - Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) form filing (Form W-7) for non-U.S. spouses



 Documents Needed to Receive Service:


All Personnel:


- DOD Identification Card (All personnel)


 - Social Security Cards for filer, spouse and dependents (If you are Married filing separately, spouse's SSN needed) 


 - Document showing birth dates of filer, spouse and dependents


 - Wage and Earning Statements (W-2/ W-2G, 1099-R) from all employers during 2015 and 2016.


-- Copy of 2015 Federal and State Tax Returns OR your 2015 Pin (The Tax Center does NOT have this even if you filed through it last year--contact IRS and State as appropriate)



As Applicable--if you received it in the mail / e-mail / online we NEED it:


- Interest and Dividend Statements from Bank (1099-INT/ 1099-DIV)


 - 1099-MISC


 - Education expense documents (1098-T)


 - Mortgage Interest Documents (1098)


- Documents showing Traditional IRA contributions (ROTH IRA not deductible)


 - Charitable Donation Receipts with Federal Tax Identification Number for 501(c)(3)'s


 - Day Care Expenses with Tax Identification Number


- Bank Routing Numbers and Account Number for Direct Deposit of any Refunds


 - All other applicable documents, receipts, or proof of other sources of income/deductions, i.e. gambling winnings or losses; rental income; and qualified educator expenses for classroom use.


 - Special Power of Attorney if attempting to file jointly with a spouse and both spouses are not present at the Tax Center.


**Tax Returns are NOT prepared on a good faith basis, customers must provide source documentation for all Identities of filers and dependents and for any tax credits, adjustments, deductions, etc.**

For Information on what to bring to the Tax Center in order to prepare your return, please visit the IRS website at: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/checklist-for-free-tax-return-preparation


Other resources are available on the island including paid preparers, and the following alternate VITA sites:

  1. Torii Station – Building 218 on 2nd Floor (The JAG building), Torii Station. DSN 644-1040.  (Note: as of 20170323 Torii Station has limited its scope of services, and will prioritize active duty soldiers and civilians assigned to Torii station; members of other services may not be seen).

  2. Kadena Tax Center – Building 1460, Kadena AFB. DSN 634-2512