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Joint Reception Center

Contact Information:

JRC Duty DSN: 315 - 645 - 5767

Duty Cell: 090-6861-4727

Office DSN 1: 315 - 645 - 5170

Office DSN 2: 315 - 645 - 5769

The Joint Reception Center (JRC) is established within MCB Camp Butler, from organic assets and augmented with personnel assigned to the Fleet Assistance Program (FAP) from III MEF commands.  The JRC's mission is to receive and provide an efficient and effective means of transportation, in-processing, orientation, and billeting during the processing period.  The JRC provides administrative and logistical support for all Marines and Sailors who are assigned to Marine Corps Commands on Okinawa. 

The following personnel will participate in the Joint Reception Center's indoctrination process:
- Marines and green-side sailors
- E-5 and below
- Unaccompanied
If you do not meet all three criteria, contact your unit for a sponsor to assist in your arrival to Okinawa.

Download the "Welcome Aboard Guide" for useful information for your arrival.