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Welcome to IPACs Walk-Ins Section page.  We provide assistance to All customers walking into the IPAC with Areas Clearance's, Dependent Adds, Housing Entitlements, Marriage/Divorce Packages, Overseas Tour Incentives, Travel Entitlements, SGLI Information, TA Sponsorship's. 

All EPAR related questions or issues should be directed to the EPAR section via phone or email. Points of contact are available on the EPAR section page.

IPAC Okinawa Walk-Ins section Share-Point link

IPAC Phone Tree: 315-645-4447

Walk-Ins Points of Contact

TA Sponsorship: 315-645-9448
TLA: 315-645-4802/6018
Area Clearance: 315-645-6052
Incentives: 315-645-4802/6018
NCOIC/SNCOIC: 315-645-6008
OIC: 315-645-4367
Hours of Operation:
Monday         0730-1630
Tuesday        0730-1630
Wednesday   0730-1630
Thursday       0730-1200
*Closed Thursdays for training 1200-1630*
Friday           0730-1630
*Please note that during the hours of 1130-1300 limited support will be available*



 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Delay LetterTravel Voucher Interview8/16/202331.66 KBDownload
FSA Form TemplateInbound Interview8/16/2023351.21 KBDownload
IBI Member ChecklistInbound Interview8/16/202340.11 KBDownload
IPAC Okinawa IBI_TVI Information TrifoldInbound interview8/16/20231.03 MBDownload
M2M Data SheetInbound Interview8/16/202328.56 KBDownload
OCONUS Cola FormInbound Interview8/16/2023209.96 KBDownload
Statement In LieuTravel Voucher Interview8/16/202314.48 KBDownload
TLE Data SheetTravel Voucher Interview8/16/2023175.22 KBDownload
Marine Corps Base Camp Butler