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Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler


Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler

The Mission of the MCB Provost Marshal's Office is to provide law enforcement, investigative, and security services as directed by the Commanding General. The Provost Marshals advises and assists the Commanding General on the formulation and administration of military law enforcement related policy and procedures. The Provost Marshals' Office provides Marine Corps Base security and law enforcement, criminal investigations, confinement and correctional functions, Japanese liaison, Japanese Police Security Guards, vehicle registration, traffic court, Base Pass Office, MCAS Futenma flight line security, special reaction capability, black marketing enforcement and related services to organic and Fleet Marine Force (FMF) organizations.

Operations Branch
The mission of the Operations Branch is to enforce all published regulations and orders pertaining to security and law enforcement matters. Operations controls the Accident Investigation Section, Special Reaction Section, Military Working Dog section, and six separate Military Police Districts: Camp Hansen (North); Camp Foster (Central); Camp Courtney (East) Camp Kinser (South); MCAS Futenma; and Camp Fuji.

Crime Prevention & Force Protection
The mission of crime prevention and force protection is to ensure comprehensive and integrated plans are developed and implemented which reflects the commander’s operational approach on how best to address the threat for MCB Camp Butler and Marine Corps Bases Japan. The focus of efforts is tailored to the local environment and threat conditions to achieve the objectives.



Drone Aircraft Registration Form

UAS Order 3000.1



Weapons Registration

Weapons Registration Form

Background Records Check

For additional information please call:  645-3886

A photo ID card is required for all background records checks.

When Bringing in background record checks for other people or a company, the background record check must include:


  • A copy of a photo ID (ex. Passport, Driver's Licence, Base ID, etc...)
  • Signature at the bottom of the background record check or Name in Kanji if Local National (no printed name)
  • Date the form was completed

For a copy of the background records check form, Click Here

Every form will have the following blocks filled in:

  • Purpose
  • Name
  • Full Social or Driver's licence number
  • Grade and MOS (if available)
  • Organization
  • Date and Place of birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Clearance status information (if applicable)
  • Signature and date

**No exceptions**


Blotter Access Request

To request blotter access, please send a request letter to

Click here to download the template of the letter.

Contact Info

Hours of Operations:

Monday through Friday. (Closed Weekends and Holidays)

 0730 – 1600

Phone Numbers:

DSN: 645-7519/2239/3135

Fax DSN: 645-3859

Background Records Check - 645-3886

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Provost Marshal  645-7298/3504
Provost Sgt. 645-3620
Secretary 645-3504/3718
Deputy PM 645-7251
Security Specialist 645-3504/3718
Operations Chief  645-2969/2284

OIC  645-9122
Desk Sergeant 645-7441/7442
Desk (JSG) 645-3904
Interview Room 645-9121
SNCOIC 645-3316
Interpreters 645-9123
Office Auto Clerk 645-9121

MPD/North (Camp Hansen Bldg #2494)
OIC 623-7033
SNCOIC 623-7032
Desk Sergeant 623-4165/4166
Interpreters 623-7110
Auto Office Clerk 623-4458
Fax Number 623-4793
Camp Guard Schwab 625-2456/2517

MPD/East (Camp Courtney Bldg #4301
OIC/SNCOIC  622-9690/9608
Interpreter 622-9639
Fax Number 622-9637
Camp Mctureous MP Substation 622-7616

MPD/Soth (Camp Kinser Bldg #520)