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Marine Liaison
Marine Liason,
Marine Liaison
Located in the Air Mobility Command (AMC) terminal on Kadena AB, the Marine Liaison provides travel assistance to USMC travelers. Whether you are on TAD, funded Emergency Leave, or traveling Space-A, the staff of the Marine Liaison is there to help you.

Travel Tips

Emergency Leave
I’m on funded emergency leave on a weekend or holiday what should I do?
  • Call the Marine Liaison at 634-4278/ 2714 and fax emergency leave order to 634-4339. After hour’s call 090-7349-8158.

Patriot Express

How many bags can I check in?
  • If you are on orders and on Patriot Express flight, 2 checked in 1 carry on bag any additional bag will be $90.00. If you are on leave you are only authorized 2 checked bags 1 carry on not to exceed 140 lbs total.
When can I check in my baggage for the Patriot Express flight?
  • Early check in starts at 1200 the day before the flight until 2200. Then reopens at 0600 the day of the flight until 0800 for Marine passengers.

When can I check in my pet for the Patriot Express flight?
  • The AMC terminal would like passengers to hold on to pets until one hour before the boarding call for the flight.
What does AMC consider a pet?
  • AMC will only transport dogs and cats on the Patriot Express aircraft. No pets can be transported if traveling Space “A”,

I am on non-funded emergency leave what should I do?
  • Call the Marine Liaison at 634-4278/2714 and advise us of what the situation is. We will guide you in the right direction.

Space-A Travel

When and where do the Patriot Express go to the states?
  • AMC flight go to Seattle, Washington on Tuesday. They also go to Seattle, Washington and LAX on Saturday.

When can I sign up for Space-A Travel?
  • You need to be on leave before you can sign up for Space “A” travel. After you sign out on leave, either fax leave papers to 634-4339 or sign-up in person at the AMC terminal.

How much does it cost to fly AMC flights?
  • AMC Space-A travel is free. There is a fee for Space-A travel on Patriot Express. Custom tax is $23.50.

What is the dress code on AMC flights?
  • The same as the dress code in the service, with the addition no open toed shoes are allowed on any AMC flight.
Marine Corps Base Camp Butler