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Camp Operations
This page holds information relevant to the Camp Operations Section.

The Camp Operations section assists the Camp Commander in providing operational, logistical, morale, safety, and security support for the camp and its tenants in accordance with applicable higher directives.


Camp Operations is comprised of three sections:


Camp Headquarters - Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the camp including but not limited to: Community relations, Supply, Facilities, Installation Protection, and Base Passes.


Camp Guard - Provides the general safety, police, and security of the camp.


Unaccompanied Housing - Provides oversight and manages all unaccompanied housing facilities on the camp.

Title  Phone # Email Address
Operations Officer 637-1645
Operations Chief 637-1746
Facilities Chief 637-1771
Community Relations  637-1728
Installation Protection (AT/EM) 637-2311
Installation Protection (CBRNE) 637-2494
Supply Specialist  637-1773
Facilities and Grounds Assistant 637-1772
Unaccompanied Housing Manager 637-2319
Unaccompanied Housekeeping Manager 637-1735
Warehouse 637-3122

Marine Corps Base Camp Butler