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The entitlement of transportation of household goods accrues and becomes fixed on the “effective date of the orders” directing PCS or TDY. Your prescribed weight allowance is based on the rank or rating held on the effective date of orders authorizing the shipment of property. Currently, members of the Marine Corps, as well as, Navy personnel attached to USMC commands are restricted on their weight entitlement. Please see the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) for specifics: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JTR.pdf.  For your convenience, below is a weight chart indicating the restricted weight in relation to your rank:

As soon as you receive your “funded” orders, you may begin the process of setting up shipments to your next duty station or separation/retirement destination. Visit www.move.mil to get started. You will need to register for an account with Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA). Follow the instructions in the "New User Registration" tutorial to register. After that, follow the instructions in the "Schedule a Move" tutorial or you can refer to DMO’s step by step DPS guide:

Make sure you have a digital copy of your orders ready and be prepared to answer questions about your weight estimate, delivery address, and any special items that need to be moved. Pro-Tip: Instead of using your work e-mail address in the customer information section, use your personal e-mail address so you can stay up to speed on your move at all times.

Move.mil is the official DOD moving portal with fantastic resources with general information regarding PCS tips and entitlements, as well as, “how to” guides on how to set up your shipments. Our offices can assist with any difficulties you may have in regard to setting up your shipment, as DMO will be finalizing all the paperwork. DMO will utilize your orders to ensure all information is accurate and input your requested dates for pick up. Please contact any of our offices to schedule a mandatory appointment for counseling and finalizing of your shipments.



Shipping a POV from Okinawa:

In order to ship a vehicle from Okinawa, the member cannot have a POV in government storage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website offers information on general importation/certification information, what agencies can help import, proper forms, and special instructions. Foreign vehicles older than 25 years do not need to be converted, however, original parts must be intact. Please contact our offices for further questions or visit: https://www.nhtsa.gov/importing-vehicle for more information.



Currently, members of the Marine Corps, as well as, Navy personnel attached to USMC commands have administrative Household Goods (HHG) Weight Allowance restrictions on their weight entitlement. For more info you can visit http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/AP-AW-01.pdf. But for your convenience, below is a weight chart indicating the restricted weight in relation to your rank: 





With the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), members do not have to check in with DMO upon arrival. Customers can edit contact and/or shipment information. DPS saves all changes in the database and updates the customer’s shipment record. The customer can make the following modifications to their shipment record: Contact and sponsors data (e-mail addresses, phone numbers) and shipment information (delivery address if currently blank).

When a customer’s shipment arrives at the destination location, the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) coordinates delivery directly with the customer. The TSP records the arrival and delivery of the shipment in DPS. The TSP will first attempt to telephonically contact the customer prior to other electronic notifications. As soon as you have a delivery address for your personal property you should update DPS. You can expect the carrier to begin service between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The start and completion of any service provided by the carrier can vary depending on the type of move - local, unaccompanied baggage, international shipment, etc.

Keep in mind that if you waive unpacking, the carrier is not required to return later to unpack or remove the empty cartons and crates. An unpacking waiver lets the carrier off the hook for completing the job, including removing empty cartons, packing materials and other debris. If at any time you decide to assist the carrier - that is, help load/unload the truck - you may relieve the carrier of any liability.

Your basic entitlement for temporary storage-in-transit (SIT) is 90 days. If you have a legitimate need to extend your storage, you must provide a written request to DMO for an additional 90 days. Some reasons to extend temporary storage are:

  • Serious illness of the member

  • Serious illness or death of a dependent

  • Impending assignment to Government quarters

  • Directed TDY/TAD after arrival at permanent station

  • Acts of God, e.g. Typhoon


You must submit your request prior to the expiration date and your request must be approved by the transportation office storing your personal property. To extend your storage, you must contact our office.

If the (TSP) missed the Required Delivery Date (RDD), and you have out of pocket expenditures, you are able to file an Inconvenience Claim. This is submitted directly to the TSP for missed agreed upon pick-up, delivery or RDD, and delivery date out of storage. Failure to do so may cause a serious inconvenience to the DOD customer and their dependents, which may result in the expenditure of excess funds for out of pocket expenses. As a reminder, this is not an entitlement and you should contact the TSP prior to purchasing items. It’s important to remember to keep all of your receipts!

Evaluation of your Move:

At some time during packing, pickup, and/or delivery of your personal property, a Quality Control (QC) inspector from DMO may drop by to check on the progress of the services being performed by the TSP. If you have any questions or problems, inform the inspector or contact the DMO.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS):

Your voice counts. After receiving your delivery at destination, you are asked to complete a CSS survey. The CSS is the primary source of data that is used in determining the performance portion of each TSP. It is very important to update your e-mail address and contact information at destination. You will be informed on the importance of completing the CSS on the web upon delivery of each shipment moved. All members/employees not completing a survey within seven calendar days will be reminded by e-mail. Additional e-mail reminders are sent on the 14th and 21st calendar day after shipment delivery if the customer has not completed the web survey.

You, as a customer, can assist in improving the quality of personal property moves. Your opinion counts, and every completed survey enhances the program.

To access the survey, please call 800-462-2176 Option 4 to complete the CSS.

Tutorial Customer Satisfaction Survey - https://www.move.mil/tutorials/customer-satisfaction-survey.


Loss & Damage Claims:
If something of yours is damaged, lost, or destroyed during the move you are eligible for Full Replacement Value (FRV) protection on DoD-sponsored household goods and unaccompanied baggage shipments assuming your claim is filed within the nine months following the date of delivery. With this protection, the TSP will either repair or pay to repair damaged items and pay the full replacement cost for items that are lost or destroyed.

All claims must be submitted in DPS, which is the portal your move originally was scheduled in.

Providing prompt notice of loss or damage is an essential part of the process. The TSP's delivery crew will provide you with a form to note any loss or damage you discover at the time of delivery.  You will complete and sign this at the time of your delivery and a copy will be sent back to the TSP's claims office.

If loss or damage is discovered after the delivery crew departs, you must notify the TSP within 75 days of delivery in order to retain your right to FRV protection. While you may use a form provided for this purpose by your TSP, the best way is to go to Move.mil and follow the instructions to file a claim.

For help submitting a Loss & Damage Report, follow this step-by-step tutorial: https://www.move.mil/tutorials/file-a-claim.