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*In Operation
Compliance to social distancing against COVID-19 on The Green Line
TGL has been ordered to comply with strict social distance in response to COVID-19 that may cause possible delays.  We ask all patrons to comply to directives and guidance that may be given from time to time from our staff.  Notifications with details will be posted at all bus stop locations.  Thank you for your understanding and please be patient during this critical time.

*Bus Stop Relocation (temporary) due to the construction
The bus stop for bldg.#833 served by #66 Camp Kinser Intra-Shuttle will be relocated to bldg.#600 (DRMO) on 09 Jan, 2020 until further notice. Please plan your travel accordingly and thank you for your understanding.
Termination of Service / Bus Stop Relocation NOTICE  
Effective Date : 04 Sep, 2019
Location :
Camp Schwab
Route Number : 11 Intra Shuttle
Bus Stop Name :  
Mess Hall/Personal Service Center
TGL Intra Shuttle Service to the above bus stop will be terminated and relocated to
Library/IPAC on the Richardson Street . 
*Suspension of the Service
Target Route
Effective Date 
Contents of Suspension 

Marine Corps Base Camp Butler