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Environmental Affairs Branch
The official website of Marine Corps Base Camp Butler Environmental Affairs Branch

  Mission Statement

Our Mission at MCB Butler EAB is to support the Marine Corps by carrying out environmental programs, which are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations while providing comprehensive services and products in a responsive, professional, and cost effective manner to protect people and enhance our environment.




MCB Butler Environmental Phone Contacts


Frequently Asked Questions of Units on MCB Butler
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 My work center has batteries, lightbulbs, printer cartridges, bad fire extinguishers, some old cans of spray-paint and WD-40.  How do we get rid of it all?

Hazardous Waste is picked up by Hazardous Materials Minimization Center (HMMC).  In order to schedule a pickup work center must complete the Services Request Form (EMP 06.1.3) and email to the Hazardous Waste email address.  You can contact HMMC for more information on these services or contact your Installation Environmental Coordinator.

HMMC HazWaste  637-6047 / 637-6050

 I'm told in order for my work center to receive or procure Hazardous Materials, I need to add the chemical to my work center's Authorized Use List (AUL).  How do I do that?

IAW MCO 5090.2 Vol 9 Ch 03 & 04;  All work centers abroad USMC installations must only possess Hazardous Materials (HM) that is listed on their AUL and within the quantity of 2 week usage.

In order to add additional HM or increase the quantity limit, work centers must make AUL Adjustment Requests to MCB Butler BSO.  Usually these requests can be done with the AUL database system known as Hazardous Materials Management System (HMMS), although sometimes it must be done using a pdf form (EMSF-4466).

Contact MCB Butler BSO ( 645-3386 or Environmental Pollution Prevention Office (645-1425) or your Installation Environmental Coordinator.

 The trash/recycling collectors aren't taking all of our trash/recycling and leaving some or a lot behind.  What's going on?
I live in Military Family Housing. What trash/recycling guidelines do I need to follow? 

When there is a buildup of trash/recycling that usually is collected but recently is not, often is because it is not properly prepared for collection.  Trash and recycling crews will not collect anything that is not properly prepped and do not collect Bulk Waste and DLA Disposition materials.  There are 2 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that layout exactly how to prepare your trash/recycle for collection (EMP 15.10 Solid Waste Guide & EMP 15.7 Recycling Guides).

Typical reasons for refused collection:

  • Items not secured in bags, the bags are not clear plastic bags, the bags are not secured (tied closed).
  • Bags/Containers have mixed items (such as trash inside of recycling, mixing combustible and noncombustible trash).
  • Items not for trash/recycle left in the collection area (I.E. e-Waste, Bulk Waste, Hazardous Waste, DLA Disposition Items).

Personnel in On-Base Military Family Housing must follow Kadena Housing Office guidance for refuse and recycling procedures.  Please contact Kadena Housing Office or the Kadena Environmental Office.

Contact your Installation Environmental Coordinator for more detailed information or assistance.

 How does one become a Unit Environmental Compliance Coordinator (ECC) or Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point Manager (HWAP Manager)?

2 things need to happen to become a ECC or HWAP Manager.

1) Attend the MCB Butler Environmental Compliance Course.  Even if the individual has had similar training at another base, there are many differences that need to be addressed.  Courses are also available in Japanese for Local National Employees and Contractors.

2)  A letter of designation appointing the individual in the role.  For the Primary ECC the designation must be signed by the Unit CO.  All other appointments may be signed by the Primary ECC.

Contact the MCB Butler Environmental Training Office to get scheduled for a course.  645-5199 / 5190 / 3319.

 I have a Safe/Cabinet that DLA say's need cert for Asbestos before it can be turned in.  How do I get testing or certification for Asbestos?
My facility has Asbestos containing materials (tiles, insulation, etc.).  How do we get rid of it and it is dangerous?  How do we get testing for asbestos?

Asbestos is not an Environmental program but is a Safety program.  If you need assistance or information about asbestos or asbestos abatement, please contact the MCIPAC Safety Office.

For questions not answered by this FAQ, please contact your Installation Environmental Coordinator or the associated Program Manager.
Marine Corps Base Camp Butler