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Installation Safety Office

Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler

MCB Camp Smedley D. Butler

The MCB Butler Installation Safety Office serves as an advocate and catalyst for a safe and healthy work environment for all tenant  activities and their workforce stationed aboard MCB Camp S.D. Butler. This is achieved by establishing and administering a positive  safety culture within the community as a means to eliminate or reduce the frequency and severity of mishaps; minimize health  hazards; and promote increased safety awareness throughout the installation.

  1. Reduce/eliminate safety hazards by identifying, reporting and taking corrective action through proper and effective abatement processes.
  2. Promote critical partnerships that enhance safety program effectiveness and improve base infrastructure and quality of life. 
  3. Develop and integrate the RM process in all camp functions and activities. 
  4. Optimize the work force by aligning supervisory and employee safety awareness and hazard/risk recognition. 
  5. Maximize available safety resources through the use of steering committees and councils. 
  6. Strengthen the workforce by providing professional safety training that enhances the capabilities and knowledge of all personnel.

**ATTENTION (Updated 9/14/2020)**
Training schedules are subject to change with little to no notice, based on HPCON change. 

OSH FY21 1st Qtr Training Schedule NEW                                                                                     OSH FY20 4th Qtr Training Schedule   
OSH Training Description

Traffic Safety and Licensing FY21 1st Qtr Training Schedule NEW          Traffic Safety and Licensing FY20 4th Qtr Training Schedule                                                                                       Traffic Safety and Licensing Training Course Listing and Descriptions Updated 200527

* Please access the following link for the training registration.


ESAMS instruction: ESAMS General Enrollment

ESAMS One day POV Training instruction: ESAMS One Day POV Training


MOTORCYCLE Training Inclement Weather Policy

  1. Support of military operations and training (explosives & radiological/laser safety).
  2. Traffic safety (training, testing & licensing).
  3. Safety awareness and coordination of special safety training events.
  4. Occupational (workforce) safety and health program management.
  5. Inspections and program compliance assessments and support.
  6. Mishap investigation support.
  7. Technical assistance and support for personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.
  8. Provide and/or oversee safety program training (confined space, lock-out/tag-out, etc.).
  9. Provide safety consultation services (exercise support, special events, etc.).
  10. Coordinate and assess occupational health services (industrial hygiene surveys, etc.).

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