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Traffic Court
Marine Corps Base Camp Butler Provost Marshal's Office Traffic Court

Traffic Court Office hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 0800 – 1130 (Last customer will be seen at 1115) - 1300-1630 (last customer will be seen at 1600) 


Saturday – Sunday: Closed 


All Federal Holidays: Closed 



To submit any forms or requests, please email your attachments to MCBPAC.MCBBUTLER.TRA@USMC.MIL



In addition to submitting the “limited driving privileges request” form, you will need to attach a letter in Naval Correspondence format, ensure the unit's letterhead and SSIC code (right above the date) is correct, the letter need to explain in detail extenuating circumstances on why limited driving privileges should be granted. (Ex: Between Family Hardship/Quarters/Primary workplace/medical/school/base to base duties). Finally, your Battalion Commander will need to provide an endorsement letter in standard Naval Correspondence format. The endorsement letter should state any corrective measures and justify, particularly by describing how it will affect you and how awarding limited driving privileges would serve the command or the public interest regarding the citation you have received.  Once prepared, please forward both your form and letters to MCBPAC.MCBBUTLER.TRA@USMC.MIL so we may forward the limited driving package to the traffic court officer (TCO) for further processing.



In addition to submitting the “appeal request” form, you will need to attach a letter in Naval Correspondece format, ensure the unit's letterhead and SSIC code (right above the date) is correct, the letter should explain in detail why you are choosing to appeal the adjudication of your traffic citation. Provide any statements, witness testimony, and/or evidence to prove your claim. Finally, your Battalion Commander will need to endorse/state or justify your reasoning.  Once prepared, please forward both your form and letter to so we may forward to the traffic court officer (TCO) for further processing.





12, 26


9, 23


9, 23


6, 20


4, 18


1, 15, 29


13, 27


10, 24


14, 28


5, 19


2, 16 



For specific inquiries, please email TRAFFICCOURT.MCBB.FCT@USMC.MIL directly.


Check-out services available through the PMO Background check office.

If you need to schedule an appointment for fingerprints, you can schedule an appointment by calling DSN: 645-3886. You may also utilize the online scheduling system 





PMO Traffic Court Office

We serve all Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel assigned to bases and units in Okinawa, Japan. This includes all military, Department of Defense (DoD) Civilians, DoD Contractors, and their authorized dependents. The purpose of this website is to assist you in all matters pertaining to traffic citations issued on and off base, check-out services, reinstatements, suspensions/revocations, and Traffic Court scheduling and adjudication.  In accordance with Japanese laws, U.S. Forces Japan Instructions and Marine Corps Installations Pacific Orders pertaining to MCIPAC facilities and area in Okinawa, Japan.


Location: Camp Foster PMO building 496

Our office hours: Monday through Friday from 0730-1600.
Closed for Lunch 1130-1300.

Japanese Police Liaison (JPL) service Hours: Monday through Thursday from 0730-1730, Friday 0730-1630

JPL Services Closed on Japan Holidays: Mountain and Ocean Day
All Services Closed on Federal holidays.

Traffic Court Hearings are held at building 437, LSSS (must be scheduled prior to arriving)
Phone number: 645-0459/2879

JPL phone number: 645-2259/2238


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  • I received an Armed Forces Traffic Ticket, what do I need to do?

    • Please email Traffic Court after 7 days of receiving your ticket. Our information:

    • When emailing, please provide your citation number, date of citation, and what you were cited for.

  • What type of citation requires mandatory Traffic Court?

    • Traffic Court follows MCIPACO 5560.2B, which states what type of traffic accidents constitutes mandatory traffic court.

  • How can I find out how many points I have on my SOFA license?

    • Please utilize the point accumulation request form located in the form section of this website.

  • How many points require a suspension/revocation?

    • Accumulating 12 points in 12 months or 18 points in 24 months requires the mandatory suspension or revocation of the driving privilege.

  • I would like to claim responsibility for a ticket that was issued to another person because I was at fault.

    • Please fill out the claiming responsibility form in our forms tab on this website.

  • I received a temporary suspension due to expired vehicle documents and my SOFA license was taken by the MP, how can I get my license back?

Before we are allowed to release your SOFA license back, you would need to update your JCI/GOJ/PDI/ROAD TAX (whichever applies to you).  Another option would be to JUNK your vehicle and you would just provide proof of that as well.

If you plan to "junk" your car, you would just deregister your vehicle and provide the junk certificate to us.

For the step-by step process visit:






MCCS Towing:                                              

645-2248/2538 (make your tow payment at


  • I would like to contest my ticket, what do I need to do?

    Email to request for a hearing.

    Provide: citation number and reason for citation

  • I received an off-base ticket by Japanese Police, what do I need to do?

    • Please contact our JPL section:

      • Phone number: 645-2259/2238

  • How do I submit my remedial driver’s certificate or SACC.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    • Please utilize our online scheduling system WaitWhile for reinstatements and license pick-ups.

    • If, you are wanting to schedule an appointment because you received a Traffic citation, please use our result of assessment request form located in our forms tab on this website.

Marine Corps Base Camp Butler