Legal Assistance

A. Mission: To foster the operational readiness of the armed forces through the provision of legal assistance services to eligible clients and customers in the Pacific Region through private attorney consultations regarding personal civil legal affairs and presentation of preventative law, pre-deployment, and estate planning briefs to units of III MEF and MCIPAC.

B. Eligibility: Services are provided to active duty military (all branches), military dependents, military retirees, DoD civilian employees (limited services). Contractors are NOT eligible for services unless their contract states they rate legal services.

C. Scope of Services:

Family Law (divorce, separation, child custody, etc.)

Consumer, credit, and debt issues

Service members’ Civil Relief Act

Estate Planning/Wills

Limited Immigration Assistance

Our office is prohibited from providing advice on:

Personal business matters

Criminal matters (traffic violations, DUI)

Claims against the government

Military justice or official military matters (courts-martial, NJPs, administrative separations)

Our office is also prohibited from providing advice over the phone or via email, to opposing parties (see section 3), and to third parties.

D. Supported Installations/Locations: The Camp Foster Legal Assistance Office serves as the central office for the Pacific Region, so it provides assistance not only for personnel located at Okinawa, Japan but at remote installations in the Pacific such as Camp Fuji, Camp Mujuk, or service members deployed to Australia or SE Asia.  Legal Services Support Section-Pacific also operates a Legal Assistance Office at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.    

E. Location: Building 5717 Camp Foster, down the hill from the Naval Hospital.

F. Phone: DSN: 645-1037 (For off-base cell phones call 098-970-1037 or 098-970-5555 and then “0” for the operator).

G. Hours:

Appointments must be made by emailing our office email box at  Legal Assistance Operational Hours are from 0800 - 1600.

Please allow at least 24 hours to receive an appointment.



Appointments must be made by emailing our office email box at legalAssistMCB@usmc.mill.  Legal Assistance Operational Hours are from 0800 - 1600.
Please allow at least 24 hours to receive an appointment.





A. You must be eligible (see section 1B).

B. You must fall within our scope of services (see section 1C).

C. New Client Walk-Ins:

i.    If you meet the eligibility requirements (see section 1B) and fall within our scope of services (see section 1C), come to our New Client Walk-In Hours.

ii.    New Client Walk-In Hours are reserved for new clients only.

iii.   Clients are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
    *We recommend arriving early. Due to the high volume of cases, wait times may be substantial.*



A. Our office is unable to represent opposing parties in any matter. During walk-in hours we will conduct a conflict check to determine if we can represent you. If there is a conflict, we will refer you to another legal office. If you know we are representing an opposing party, you may seek assistance at the following legal services:

i.    Kadena Legal Office: Bldg 15. Phone: DSN 634-3300 or cellphone 098-938-1111 (Kadena Operator)

ii.    Torii Station Legal Office: Bldg. 218. Phone: DSN 644-4332 or cellphone 098-970-5555 (Torii Station Operator)



A. Current clients are those who have an open or active case with an assigned attorney at the Legal Assistance Office.

i.    Current clients must contact the office to schedule a follow up appointment.

ii.    Current clients will not be able to see an attorney during New Client Walk-in hours.



A.  Former clients are those who have an inactive case or received a letter of case closure from an assigned attorney at the Legal Assistance Office.

i.    Former clients must contact the office in order to have their case reopened.

ii.    Former clients will not be able to see an attorney during New Client Walk-in hours.



The Legal Assistance Attorneys form attorney-client relationships (ACRs), and all communications are fully covered by attorney-client privilege (including front office staff, clerks, and paralegals) and will not be disclosed, except as a result of express or implied consent from the clients to effectively represent their interest or as otherwise allowed under the rules of professional conduct.  See JAGINST 5803.1D.  Commands cannot compel the Legal Assistance Office to disclose privileged information, and the Legal Assistance Office will not disclose the presence or relationship of any client except per client consent.


A. For attorneys, you must be licensed to practice law in any U.S. State or Territory and provide proof of good standing with your licensing authority.
B. For paralegals, you must provide documentary evidence of training and paralegal certification.
C. Please visit our office for further information on what volunteering and the approval process entails.


Legal Concerns and Recommendations arising during COVID-19


SCRA Termination of Leases: Service Members should refrain from cancelling leases unless necessary during this time of uncertainty.  If you receive orders and then terminate your lease under the SCRA, your landlord is not required to extend your lease if your receive updated orders with a different departure date.  The SCRA also has no provisions protecting a Service Member who has orders, signs a new lease, but then requests a termination due to a change in orders.  Please consult with your landlord to discuss options to best support you during this time.

Debt Relief: For Service Member and Dependents with debt concerns, please contact your lender to negotiate delayed payments, waiver of penalties, etc.   More information can be found at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website at Additional assistance is also available through the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.


ArmyTimes "How the coronavirus will impact security clearances"

Many servicemembers are concerned that due to COVID-19, their financial hardships and resultant adverse credit reports will negatively effect their security clearances. Please see the Army Times news article at the website above (and memo attached) regarding security clearances and COVID-19.

NCSC Memo 23 MAR 20

From NCSC Memo of 23 March 2020:

“It is important that we ensure trusted security clearance holders, or applicants who may suffer financial hardships as a result of the virus, are not unduly penalized because of circumstances beyond their control,” the National Counterintelligence and Security Center wrote in a memo.

Specifically, the policy calls for security clearance reviews to take a broad interpretation of the “mitigation factors” that provide special consideration for people whose “financial problems were largely beyond the person’s control (e.g. loss of employment, a business downturn, unexpected medical emergency, a death, divorce or separation, clear victimization by predatory lending practices or identify theft)”.


For additional questions or concerns, please see our new client walk-in hours listed above.



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