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Legal Assistance

**ATTENTION:  Due to ALL-DAY POWER OUTAGE today on Tuesday, 23 May 2017, Legal Assistance is CLOSED.  We will still conduct normal notary hours 1200 - 1400, except we will not be able to do statements of verification (certified true copies).  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our Mission

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Mission: to foster the operational readiness of the armed forces through the provision of legal assistance services to eligible clients and customers in the Pacific Region through private attorney consultation regarding personal civil legal affairs, and presentation of preventative law/pre-marital/pre-deployment/estate planning briefs to units of III MEF and MCI-PAC.

Location:  Bldg 5717 Camp Foster down the hill from the Naval Hospital

Phone:  DSN 645-1037 (Please do not call about the Tax Center- it is a separate office

              For off-base Cell Phones call - (098-911-5111)

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
POA Pet Care 7/5/2016144.45 KBDownload
POA in Loco Parentis 7/5/201612.81 KBDownload
Special Power of AttorneyLegal5/9/2016359.99 KBDownload
Power of Attorney RevocationLegal5/9/2016105.98 KBDownload
General Power of AttorneyLegal5/9/2016144.45 KBDownload
Affidavit of lost road tax decal 7/5/2016100.38 KBDownload
Marriage Update U.S. to U.S. 7/5/201683.85 KBDownload
Marriage Affidavit U.S. to Foreign 7/5/201679.03 KBDownload
Hours / Services Provided

1. Prospective Client Intake Hours: If you would like to speak to an attorney, then you must come to Prospective Client Intake Hours to determine whether an attorney may take your case.
      Monday through Friday from 0800 to 0900

      *Arrive early to ensure you can be seen that day.

2. Existing Client Appointment Hours: If you are already a client of the Legal Assistance Office Camp Foster, then you may schedule an appointment to see an attorney. Please call DSN 645-1037 or 098-911-5111(for off-base cell phones) to schedule an appointment.

      Monday through Friday from 0900 to 1200 and 1400 to 1630. Fridays from 0900 to 1200.
3. Notary Hours: If you need a notary, then you may receive notarial services on a first-come, first-serve basis.
                             Monday through Thursday from 1200 to 1400 and Friday from 1000-1200.

                             Notary services are also available at Kadena Legal, Torii Station, and the U.S. Consulate
              *You do not need to speak with an attorney to have your documents notarized*
             **Any adjutant, legal officer, judge advocate or military officer of the rank 0-4 or above may act as a notary for your document.**
            ***These services do not require consultation with an attorney and include standard notarizations: 

                Statements of Verification (Certified Copies) for passports, SSN cards, or consular report of birth abroad,

                Power of Attorneys,


                TSP Withdrawal,

                SPB Election.***

4.  Private Civil Matters: These matters require consultation with an attorney. 
Absolutely no legal advice will be provided over the phone, e-mail, or outside of the attorney consultation hours noted above.

The Legal Assistance Office attorneys may advise on the following private civil matters:

5. The Legal Assistance Office is PROHIBITED from advising on the following:    

  • Criminal matters (civilian and military)
  • Request Mast, Article 138, Section 1105 complaints
  • NJP
  • Administrative Separation proceedings and Physical Evaluation Boards
  • Claims against the government or any other matter in which the U.S. government has an interest, whether or not adverse to the individual.
  • Investigations.
  • Private Business Ventures

Please Read Below!

• The Legal Assistance Office is limited in the scope of representation and services that we may provide, under Title 10 USC sec. 1044.

• See the following list for areas/issues that the Legal Assistance Office cannot, under federal law, assist you with and the appropriate offices to help you with these issues:

Criminal Law/Misconduct MPOs 
(NJP, charges, investigations, allegations, etc.)
  - Defense Services
Bldg. 437, DSN: 645-3075
 Administrative Separation Board representation   - Defense Services
Bldg. 437, DSN: 645-3075
 Inspector General (IG) Complaints  -   Your Command’s Inspector General
 Claims against the Government   - Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)
Bldg. 1 Rm 5, DSN: 645-7461/7462
 Victim of a crime   - Victim Legal Counsel Office (VLCO)
DSN: 645-4457
 In-court representation   - US Consulate Naha
Phone: 098-876-4211
 Passports/IDs   - Installation Personnel Administrative Center (IPAC)
Bldg. 5699, DSN: 645-4038


6. Office Closures:

Training                                  THURS 12 JAN at 0800 until 1200.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day     FRI 13 JAN at 1200 until WED 18 JAN at 0800 (96 Hours)
Super Bowl                             FRI 3 FEB at 1400 until TUES 7 FEB at 0800 (72 Hours)
President's Day                      FRI 17 FEB at 1200 until WED 22 FEB at 0800 (96 Hours)
Memorial Day                         FRI 26 MAY at 1200 until WED 31 MAY at 0800 (96 Hours)
Independence Day                 FRI 30 JUN at 1200 until WED 5 JUL at 0800 (96 Hours)
Labor Day                               FRI 1 SEP at 1200 until WED 6 SEP at 0800 (96 Hours)
Columbus Day                        FRI 6 OCT at 1200 until WED 11 OCT at 0800 (96 Hours)
Veteran's Day                         THURS 10 NOV at 1200 until TUES at 0800 (96 Hours)
Thanksgiving                           WED 22 NOV at 1200 until MON 27 NOV at 0800 (96 Hours)
Christmas Day                         FRI 22 DEC at 1200 until WED 27 DEC at 0800 (96 Hours)

7. Eligible Clients/Customers:  Active Duty Military (all services), Military Dependents, Military Retirees, DoD Civilian Employees (only while on overseas assignment).  **Contractors are NOT eligible for services unless the contractor fits one of the eligible categories

8. Supported Installations/Locations:  The Camp Foster Legal Assistance Office serves as the central office for the Pacific Region so it provides assistance not only for personnel located at Okinawa, Japan but at remote installations in the Pacific as well such as Camp Fuji, Camp Mujuk, or service members deployed to Australia or SE Asia.  Legal Services Support Section Pacific also operates a Legal Assistance Office at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.

9. Individual Attorney Consultation: the Legal Assistance Attorneys on staff will provide individual consultation to eligible servicemembers, dependents, retirees and DOD civilian employees regarding their private civil legal affairs.  The Legal Assistance Attorneys form attorney/client relationships and all communications are fully covered by attorney/client privilege and will not be disclosed except as a result of express or implied consent from the client to effectively represent his/her interest, or as otherwise allowed under the rules of professional conduct.  See JAGINST 5803.1D

- Commands cannot compel a legal assistance attorney to disclose privileged information.

 - The Legal Assistance Office will not disclose the presence or relationship of any client except per client consent

10. Preventative Law/Pre-Deployment Briefs: The Legal Assistance Office provides briefs to units regarding estate planning, consumer protection, military rights & benefits, and family law.  Contact the Legal Assistance OIC at 645-1037 to schedule briefs as part of required annual training and overall unit readiness.  It is strongly advised to schedule pre-deployment briefs at least 90 days in advance of deployment to ensure documents can be prepared before deployment.

*IMPORTANT:  do NOT wait until fulfilling pre-deployment requirements to get your unit ready. 
Make sure your Marines are ready to deploy at any moment.