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Welcome to the Marine Corps Base, Camp S.D. Butler, Traffic Management Office Website. The purpose of this site is to provide general information regarding services provided by TMO. If additional information is required please contact us by utilizing our Important Contact Numbers.

Contact  Phone   Fax
Traffic Management Officer 645-9248 645-7750/1155
Camp Foster-Personal Property 645-0922/7105 645-7750/1155
Passenger Travel 645-3553 645-3554
Camp Courtney TMO 622-7561/9770 622-7376
Camp Kinser TMO 637-1908 637-2217
Camp Hansen TMO 623-7028/29/4337 623-7410
Marine Liason (AMC) Emergency Passenger Travel 634-4278/2741 634-4339
Freight-Camp Kinser 637-4004/3919 637-2906
Air Clearance Authority (ACA) 634-3552 N/A
Naha Port-Liason 648-7674 N/A
MIS 645-0179/2009 645-7750/1155

Personal Property Shipping Office
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 • You are required to report all loss and damage to the Transportation Service Provider (TSP, your household goods carrier) within 75 days of the date of delivery to qualify for reimbursement of your missing or damaged items. The preferred way to make your report is to use this DPS program. Once you have entered the required data listing all your loss and damage, you must click the “SUBMIT” button to properly transmit your notification of loss or damage to the household goods carrier, hereinafter known as the Transportation Service Provider (TSP). Transmitting your loss and damage report does not constitute the filing of a claim.


You also may submit your “Notification of Loss/Damage after Delivery” form to the TSP by mail or FAX or by attaching the form to an email and sending it to the TSP. The form should have been given to  you by the TSP at the time of delivery. If you elect to submit the form using one of these methods, you must dispatch it to the TSP by the 75th day following delivery, and you should ensure that you save some proof of dispatch, e.g., return receipt, FAX confirmation sheet, or email delivery receipt. If you had good cause to exceed the 75-day notice period, such as an officially recognized absence or hospitalization during all or a portion of the time period, please pass this information to your TSP for their consideration. In these cases, your TSP is required to contact your Military Claims Office (MCO) for a determination.


You are required to file your claim in DPS and “SUBMIT” it to the TSP within 9 months from the date of delivery to qualify for full replacement value (FRV) protection. Claims filed after 9 months but within 2 years qualify for limited compensation. Any filing after 2 years could result in the denial of your entire claim. Limited exceptions apply to these timelines.


         Step by step to file "Loss or Damage Report"


         Step by step to file a "Claim"



IMPORTANT! If you have any questions regarding the 75-day or 9-months timelines, contact your Service Military Claims Office (MCO). Any delay in meeting these timelines may have an adverse effect on any claim you may file.




Limits of Liability: If you “SUBMIT” your claim within 9 months, the TSP’s maximum liability on a shipment is $5,000 or $4 per pound times the weight of the shipment, whichever is greater, but not more than $50,000. If these limitations do not satisfy your loss, the government will evaluate for additional settlement. If you “SUBMIT” your claim after nine months from delivery, but before 2 years, the TSP is liable for only depreciated value of the goods, up to a maximum of $1.25 per pound times the net weight of your shipment.


Processing Times: The TSP is required to pay, deny, or make an offer of settlement to you within 60 days of receipt of your completed and substantiated claim. Completing all the fields contained in DPS will help ensure you have properly submitted your claim. The TSP is required to complete payment to the owner within 30 days of the owner’s acceptance of the offer in DPS.


Settlement Offers: The FRV program protection provides for the lesser of the repair or replacement cost of an individual item. The TSP, at its option, can arrange for the repair of the item or replace the item with an item of like kind and quality or, to provide an equivalent cash settlement for the item. The TSP will document the offer on a line item in DPS. Your options are to accept the offer, make a counter offer or transfer the line item or your entire claim to the MCO. You should receive an email notification at the email address you entered into DPS when the TSP completes an offer in DPS so it is important your contact information remain updated in this system. However, you are encouraged to routinely monitor your DPS account to remain updated on the status of your claim.


If you cannot reach a mutually acceptable settlement directly with the TSP on your entire claim, you can accept payment from the TSP on those items on which you and the TSP have reached agreement and transfer the remaining line items to the MCO. The TSP will pay you on the items on which you have reached an agreement.


If the TSP’s offer equals the maximum program liability and your loss exceeds this amount, you should accept the offer and transfer your claim to the MCO for further evaluation.

Should you have any questions or concerns about any offer, it is recommended you contact your MCO or TSP directly. If you have any concerns about signing a settlement agreement that indicates the offer is in full and final settlement of your entire claim, contact your MCO. Claims experts will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance on the process.


Transferring your claim to the MCO: 30 days after you have submitted your claim to the TSP, you have the option of transferring your claim to your MCO and still be eligible for Full Replacement Value (FRV). Please be aware that your MCO can only provide limited compensation to you; however your MCO will assert an FRV claim against your TSP. If your MCO recovers additional monies above what you were paid initially, that amount will be passed along to you.


IMPORTANT! DPS and the MCO’s systems are not compatible and therefore do not “talk” to each other. It is strongly recommended that you contact your Service MCO directly after transferring your claim to the MCO in DPS so that your MCO knows to go out and pull your claim from the DPS system and to obtain further guidance on the way forward.


Currently, members of the Marine Corps, as well as, Navy personnel attached to USMC commands are restricted on their weight entitlement. Please see Appendix W of the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) for specifics. For your convenience, below is a weight chart indicating the restricted weight in relation to your rank:

It is very important that members check in with DMO upon arrival. In many cases, personnel arrive before their shipments, so checking in with us will speed up our ability to contact you once your property arrives. Upon arrival of your personal property, we will make every effort to try to contact you before we place your property in storage.

As soon as you have a delivery address for your personal property contact the transportation office again and provide this information. If possible, be prepared to accept delivery of your property as soon as it arrives. This will prevent additional handling and reduce the chance of loss or damage. It will also reduce or eliminate storage expenses.


You can expect the carrier to begin service between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The start and completion of any service provided by the carrier can vary depending on the type of move - local, unaccompanied baggage, international shipment, etc. However, if you have no objection to the carrier beginning service before or after these hours, let the destination transportation office know.

Bear in mind that if you waive unpacking, the carrier is not required to return later to unpack or remove the empty cartons and crates. An unpacking waiver lets the carrier off the hook for completing the job, including removing empty cartons, packing materials and other debris. If at any time you decide to assist the carrier - that is, help load/unload the truck - you may relieve the carrier of any liability.


Do not sign for services if they were not performed by the carrier. Do not argue with the carrier. Contact the PPSO Quality Control section at DSN 645-9508 if problems arise.

A full list of costumer and TSP responsibilities at the delivery of your personal property can be found on the “"It’s your Move" pamphlet.

Extending Temporary Storage

Your basic entitlement for temporary storage is 90 days. If you have a legitimate need to extend your storage, you must provide a written request to TMO for an additional 90 days. Some reasons to extend temporary storage are:

  • Serious illness of the member

  • Serious illness or death of a dependent

  • Impending assignment to Government quarters

  • Directed TDY/TAD after arrival at permanent station

  • Acts of God, e.g. Typhoon

    You must submit your request prior to the expiration date and your request must be approved by the transportation office storing your personal property. To extend your storage, you must contact our office.

    An Inconvenience Claim may be submitted directly to the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) for missed agreed

    Required Delivery Date (RDDs) as reflected on the BL, or to meet the agreed upon delivery date out of SIT. Failure to do so may cause a serious inconvenience to the DOD customer and their dependents, which may result in the expenditure of excess funds for out of pocket expenses.


    How to file an "Inconvenience Claim"



    If there are any damaged or lost items, please refer to the “Claims” Section.



A successful move is not a matter of chance. It is the result of planning and hard work. At the center of these efforts is you - the shipper. If you expect a good move, you must play an active role.

The entitlement of transportation of household goods accrues and becomes fixed on the effective date of the orders directing PCS or TDY. Your prescribed weight allowance is based on the grade or rating held on the effect date of orders authorizing the shipment of property. Currently, members of the Marine Corps, as well as, Navy personnel attached to USMC commands are restricted on their weight entitlement. Please see Appendix W of the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) for specifics: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JTR.pdf. For your convenience, below is a weight chart indicating the restricted weight in relation to your rank:

As soon as you receive orders, you may begin the process of setting up shipments to your next duty station or separation/retirement destination. The earlier you call or visit your distribution office, the greater your chances of moving on the date you desire.

Move.mil is a fantastic resource with general information regarding PCS tips and entitlements, as well as, how to guides on how to set up your shipments. Our offices can assist with any difficulties you may have in regards to setting up your shipment, as DMO will be finalizing all the paperwork. DMO will utilize your orders to ensure all information is accurate and input your requested dates for pick up. Please contact any of our offices to schedule a mandatory appointment for counseling and finalizing of your shipments. For more information on moving tips please review the “It’s your Move” pamphlet.   

In order to ship a vehicle from Okinawa, the member cannot have a POV in government storage. The NHTSA website offers information on general importation/certification information, what agencies can help import, proper forms, and special instructions. Foreign vehicles older than 25 years do not need to be converted, however, original parts must be intact. Please contact our offices for further questions.


Evaluation of Move:

At some time during packing, pickup, and/or delivery of your personal property, a Quality Control inspector from the TO may drop by to check on the progress of the services being performed by the TSP. If you have any questions or problems, inform the inspector or contact the TO.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS):

Your voice counts. After receiving your delivery at destination, you are asked to complete a CSS survey. The CSS is the primary source of data that is used in determining the performance portion of each TSP. It is very important to update your e-mail address and contact information at destination. You will be informed on the importance of completing the CSS on the web upon delivery of each shipment moved. If you did not complete this survey you will receive e-mail reminders. You, as a customer, can assist in improving the quality of personal property moves. Your opinion counts, and every completed survey enhances the program.

To access the survey, please call 800-462-2176 Option 4 to complete the CSS.

CSS Brochure - https://www.move.mil/documents/CSS%20Brochure%20March%202017.pdf

Other TMO Offices
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The Passenger Travel Office (PTO) is located at Camp Foster Bldg. 495

Satellite PTO's are located at:
Camp Courtney, Bldg. 4311
Camp Kinser, Bldg. 107
Camp Hansen, Bldg 2137

Review the handout from the recent Passenger Travel Office Workshop

Common Questions

Emergency Leave

The unit commander is the only one who can grant emergency leave. PTO does not determine whether or not a member is entitled to emergency leave. All emergency leave granted by the commander is funded. The member/dependent(s) is authorized the price of a round trip ticket to the CONUS international airport nearest to the location from which the member/dependent(s) departed to which a scheduled direct flight is available along a normally traveled international route. For those stationed on Okinawa that would be Seattle, WA.

The following exceptions apply:
  • UDP personnel traveling from Okinawa on emergency leave are entitled to travel back to their permanent duty station.
  • Personnel traveling on emergency leave in conjunction with PCS are entitled to travel not to exceed the cost to their next duty station.
  • Personnel traveling to an emergency leave site outside CONUS are entitled to round trip transportation to that location.
Family Member Travel

  • Family members who are command sponsored are entitled to transportation to the member's next duty station once reassignment orders are received.
  • Transportation is provided for family members to the member's HOR if the member is departing Okinawa and separating from the service.
  • Transportation is provided for family members to the member's HOR or HOS if the member is departing Okinawa and separating after eight years of service or retiring.
Traveling with Pets

  • Pet Shipment on AMC Flight

    A. Members serving on an accompanied tour are authorized pet transportation as set forth in the Air Mobility Command Instruction (AMCI) 24-101, Volume 14. Transportation is restricted to two (2) pets per family (limited to cats and dogs only). Due to the limited pet space on all AMC aircraft, timely submission of pet requests cannot be overemphasized. Port call requests should be submitted 140 days in advance per CG MCB Camp Butler message 070830Z APR 98.
    B. Category B pet movement costs (Effective 11 December 2008)
    A pet and their kennel with a combined weight up to 70 pounds will be charged the same rate as one piece of excess baggage. (I.E 1 excess bag is $110.00)
    A pet and their kennel with a combined weight up to 71-140 pounds will be charged the same rate as two pieces of excess baggage. (I.E 2 excess bags is $220.00)
    A pet and their kennel with a combined weight up to 141-150 pounds will be charged the same rate as three pieces of excess baggage. (I.E 3 excess bags is $330.00)
    C. Personnel on an unaccompanied tour who acquire pets and desire to ship them from Okinawa must have the request for pet shipment annotated in his/her port call request. PTO will make every effort to get reservations on AMC aircraft but owners must understand that they are responsible for all cost associated with shipping the animals in include paying commercial shipping rates if AMC is not available.
  • Pet Shipment on Commercial Air

    When the member receives a commercial ticket, the pet will be confirmed by the PTO office and the member will pay the airline on the day of departure in Yen.
  • Pet Embargo

    Normally the airlines implement a pet embargo from 15 May to 15 Sep each year. When the temperatures average higher than 85F it is unsafe for pets to travel. Airlines polices vary so consult with PTO for the latest information.

The Traffic Management Office Camp Kinser provides Freight services for the III Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Corps Base, Camp Butler, and other Department of Defense Activities aboard Okinawa. We also support Marine Forces in Korea and Japan as well as other designated USMC deployed forces with-in the Western Pacific Area

Location and Hours of Operation

Traffic Management Office Freight Section
The Freight Office is located on Camp Kinser Bldg #401 (next to the bakery). Our hours of operation are from 0730 to 1630. For after hours recall contact cellular #090-3010-0646. Freight Operations is comprised of the following sections:

Shipping Section
This section is responsible for processing all outbound cargo that is received from Packing, Processing & Preservation (PP&P), Bldg 401, Camp Kinser. All units must prepare a DD Form 1348/1149 (click here to review
DD1348-1a & DD1149 ) and have the DMO Shipping Section validate the DD Forms with a stamp of approval. Upon receipt of the stamp, the cargo will be escorted to PP&P for proper packaging, preservation, marking and unitization. Once this process is complete, cargo is forwarded to DMO for final processing and submission to the 835th Transportation Battalion, Naha Port or the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron (AMS), Kadena AB for final approval and entry into Worldwide Post System (WPS) for surface cargo and the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) for air cargo. (Click here to review additional documents required when shipping hazardous material or weapons.) DD1907, Shippers Declaration, DD1387-2.

Receiving Section
This section processes all containers with multiple Marine Corps Routing Unit Codes (RUC), and provides island- wide distribution and in-transit visibility (ITV) using the Automated Manifest System (AMS).

Receiving Station
This section processes all containers with multiple Marine Corps Routing Unit Codes (RUC), and provides island- wide distribution and in-transit visibility (ITV) using the Automated Manifest System (AMS).

Tracing Section
This section provides shipping status on all inbound and outbound cargo. For status on cargo, submit tracer request to
Traces@mcbbutler.usmc.mil . the following information is required on all tracer request: Document number, Date shipped, origin of shipment, quantity, unit price, nomenclature and required delivery date (RDD).

Marine Air Clearance Authority (ACA)
Marine ACA is responsible for processing all outbound Marine Corps air cargo received from Bldg. 401, Freight Operations, Camp Kinser, and all inbound Marine Corps air cargo for island-wide distribution and ITV using AMS. Additionally, Marine ACA is responsible for preparing the Transportation Control Movement Document (TCMD) for units in a deployed status requiring cargo ITV. This process allows deployed units the ability to track all cargo from Kadena AB to the final destination using the Transportation Control Number (TCN).

Marine Liaison Naha Port
The Marine Liaison is responsible for processing all outbound Marine Corps surface cargo received from Bldg. 401, Freight Operations, Camp Kinser, and all inbound Marine Corps surface cargo for island-wide distribution and ITV using AMS. Additionally, the Marine Liaison provides support to deploying units by creating export disks from the Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movements System (TCAIMS), in order to transfer data into WPS for cargo ITV.

Freight Policy Messages
Domestic Small Package Direct Delivery:
Domestic Delivery


Located in the Air Mobility Command (AMC) terminal on Kadena AB, the Marine Liaison provides travel assistance to USMC travelers. Whether you are on TAD, funded Emergency Leave, or traveling Space-A, the staff of the Marine Liaison is there to help you.

Travel Tips

Emergency Leave
I’m on funded emergency leave on a weekend or holiday what should I do?
  • Call the Marine Liaison at 634-4278/ 2714 and fax emergency leave order to 634-4339. After hour’s call 090-7349-8158.

Patriot Express

How many bags can I check in?
  • If you are on orders and on Patriot Express flight, 2 checked in 1 carry on bag any additional bag will be $90.00. If you are on leave you are only authorized 2 checked bags 1 carry on not to exceed 140 lbs total.

When can I check in my baggage for the Patriot Express flight?

  • Early check in starts at 1200 the day before the flight until 2200. Then reopens at 0600 the day of the flight until 0800 for Marine passengers.

When can I check in my pet for the Patriot Express flight?
  • The AMC terminal would like passengers to hold on to pets until one hour before the boarding call for the flight.

What does AMC consider a pet?

  • AMC will only transport dogs and cats on the Patriot Express aircraft. No pets can be transported if traveling Space “A”,

I am on non-funded emergency leave what should I do?
  • Call the Marine Liaison at 634-4278/2714 and advise us of what the situation is. We will guide you in the right direction.

Space-A Travel

When and where do the Patriot Express go to the states?
  • AMC flight go to Seattle, Washington on Tuesday. They also go to Seattle, Washington and LAX on Saturday.

When can I sign up for Space-A Travel?
  • You need to be on leave before you can sign up for Space “A” travel. After you sign out on leave, either fax leave papers to 634-4339 or sign-up in person at the AMC terminal.

How much does it cost to fly AMC flights?
  • AMC Space-A travel is free. There is a fee for Space-A travel on Patriot Express. Custom tax is $23.50.

What is the dress code on AMC flights?
  • The same as the dress code in the service, with the addition no open toed shoes are allowed on any AMC flight.