Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Q: Why is there no Express Mail services after the Express Mail cut off time?
A: Express Mail cut off times are established based on the transportation schedules of each post office.  Express Mail accepted after the cut off time is unable be delivered to its destination on time.
Q: Why are you closed on Wednesday?
A: We are closed on Wednesday so we can be open on Saturday.
Mailing items to/from Japan
Q: Are the hand written Custom Forms still acceptable at the Post Office?
A: Yes, for the time being hand written Custom Forms are still accepted.
Q: Does the online customs form work?
A: There are customers who have had success with the online customs forms and others who have not. USPS is currently working on their website to resolve these problems. Using this service is encouraged in order to reduce the time required to mail packages, but it is not currently a requirement.
Q: When is the Online Customs Form going into effect?
A: Currently it is being postponed but once it goes into effect we will provide ample amount of notice.
Q: What’s the maximum weight of a package to be mailed out?
A: 70 lbs
Q: What can I not send through the mail?
A: A full list of items can be found at however if there is ever a question please contact you servicing post office and we will be happy to look into any specific questions you may have.
Q: What is the fastest way to get mail to its destination?
A: Express mail is our fastest service which comes with a money back guarantee if not delivered within 3-5 days (depending on destination).
Q: Which service is the cheapest to send out packages?
A: Standard Mail/Parcel Post Mail is the cheapest way to send a package. This class of mail transported in the same manner as all other mail until it reaches the United States where it recieves ground transportation to its final destination.
Q: Do you have envelopes for me to place my letter in?
A: Yes, each post office sells stamped envelopes.
Q: Does this post office carry other boxes besides priority?
A: Priority and Express Mail boxes are provided for mailing to all customers at for free. They do not provide any other types of boxes.
Q: How long does it take for mail to get to Okinawa?
A: Mail traveling from the United States varies in travel time according to mail class; Express, 1st Class , Priority , Standard Post (listed fastest to slowest). 
Q: What time is mail delivered to the post office in Okinawa?
A: The transportation schedule of the postal system is quite complex and each post office recieves mail at different times.  Each post office will receive their initial delivery of mail between 0700-1000.  Most of the post offices receive an additional delivery in the afternoon.
Q: Why is was my package scanned in Richmond, CA 3 weeks ago and I still have not received it?
A: While most of the mail addressed to Okinawa is transported via commercial airline Standard Mail/Parcel Post Mail is transported by ship and has an approximate 2 to 6 week delivery time.
Q: How can I find out if my my package has arrived at the post office yet?
A: The most effective way to find out if your mail has arrived is to check your mail at the post office.  If you have a tracking number you may also go online a ( to view tracking information provided by USPS.  Please understand that in many cases this tracking information is limited and please contact your local post office if there are any questions regarding the information provided online.
Q: Will my mail get damaged?
A: We do not abuse or mistreat mail, however boxes should be packaged to withstand transportation through the mail system.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure adequate cushioning for fragile items and the use of postal insurance for high value items is highly encouraged.
Q: Why does my box say "received in damage condition"?
A: Packages that are received unsealed or visibly damaged are resealed utilizing clear tape and “received in damaged condition” is written on the package along with a date stamp indicating the facility which resealed the package.
PSC Boxes
Q: Can I call the post office to see if I have mail?
A: Due to the private nature of mail we are unable to give information on the tranportation of personal mail over the phone.
Q: Can I have my own P.O. Box even though I am here unaccompanied?  
A: No, Unfortunately there are not enough PSC Boxes to issue everyone one. They are issued to servicemembers on accomanied orders and authorized Civilians only. All servicemembers on unaccompanied orders receive mail through their unit mail room. If there are special circumstances that exist please contact your local post office to request an exception to this policy.
Q: Can I have somebody check my mail for me while I'm on leave/vacation?  
A: Yes, customer have to fill out DD form 3801 for Authorization of another person to receive their mail on their behalf. Customers can only authorize  SOFA status members to receive mail on their behalf.
Q: What do I need to open a PSC Box as a sponsor ?  
A: A copy of web orders and area clearance is required for a sponsor to open a PSC box.
Q: I am sponsoring a New Join, can they use my box until they get their own box?
A: Unfortunately that is not allowed. PSC boxes are issued to individual servicemembers and their families. All incoming mail is verified with the name on the back of the mail box upon delivery, if the name does not match the boxholder it is not delivered.
Q: Why was my package inspected by customs?  
A: Ten percent of all mail arriving in Okinawa is screened randomly checked for items that are not authorized to be imported into Japan.  For a full list of restrictions reference restrictions for international mail to japan and APO/FPO restrictions
Q: What do I do if something is damaged?  
A: A letter is placed in the inspected package annotating any damage prior to the customs inspection. For these damages please contact to file a claim.
Home Businesses
Q: Can I use the Military Post Office to ship or receive goods for resale or the production of items with the intent of selling?
A: No, The use of the military postal system for personal gain (running your own business) is strictly prohibited. 
Postal Claims
Q: How often does the mail get stolen?  
A: Although theft has occurred in the past it is not a common occurance.  With new technology and tracking information, postal offences continue to decline.  This does not mean that it is not possible and if there are any questions please contact your local post office for information. If we are unable to assist you are more than welcome to file a claim at
Q: How do I get my money back if my package gets stolen or broken?  
Q: What happens if my Money Order is Lost or Stolen?  
A: The Money Order can  be replaced by USPS for a fee of $6.10 by using PS form 6401.
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