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MCIPAC will be conducting our annual Constant Vigilance exercise across all Marine Corps facilities in Okinawa from 20-24 September 2015. This regular training ensures that MCIPAC facilities and personnel, as well as our Japanese partners, friends and neighbors, are well-equipped and trained to deal with a wide variety of scenarios, to... include emergency, medical, security and terrorist response. Base residents and employees should expect to see the following activities as a part of the exercise:

1. An increase in First Responder activity to include all Emergency Services (Fire, Rescue, Police).

2. Role players acting out protection related scenarios.

3. Vehicle searches at Gates and other elevated security measures.

4. An increased presence of armed guard patrols.

5. Helicopter flights.

6. Areas blocked off for training events.

7. A presence of Japanese Ground Self Defense Force personnel aboard Camp Courtney, Camp Foster and MCAS Futenma.

8. Potential minor delays in reaching your intended destinations.

Though MCIPAC will be conducting the exercise during this timeframe, and there will be role-playing scenarios at multiple locations, we ask that base residents and employees remain vigilant as always. If you see something suspicious that you are not sure is part of the drill or real world, please report the activities to the Military Police via the phone numbers below:

Camp Kinser - 637-3500 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-970-7441)

MCAS Futenma - 636-3332 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-970-7441)

Camp Foster - 645-7441 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-970-7441)

Camp Courtney - 622-9608 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-954-9608)

Camp Hansen - 623-4165 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-969-4165)

Camp Schwab - 625-6623 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-969-4165)

Any emergency situations should always be directed to 911 (098-911-1911 from cell phone or off-base). Thank you, and we appreciate your support and understanding! 


2015 Fall National Traffic Safety Campaign

The Okinawa Police Department is now running it annual Fall National Traffic Safety Campaign. Okinawa residents can expect to see random checkpoints along main roads checking for DUI, Seatbelts, and Insurance information. Please stay vigilant during the next week and drive safely.

Campaign Period:  Monday, 21 September to Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Campaign Focus:  (1) Preventing accidents at dusk,  (2) enforcing use of seatbelts and car seats, and (3) eliminating drunk driving.