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Agent/Authority Letter
The purpose of an Agent/Authority Letter is to designate an individual to assist a DoD ID card holder in the use of their MWR, Commissary, Exchange, and Medical Care privileges who are otherwise unable to access these services. Agent/Authority Letters are typically issued in the following circumstances:
  • For a close relative to assist an elderly ID card holder who is unable to drive or travel in purchasing items from base or getting to their medical appointments
  • To allow the parent of a young ID card holder (under the age of 18 years old) in purchasing items from base for the child or getting to their medical appointments
Agent/Authority Letters are valid for 1 year. The USMC ID Card Center on Okinawa may only issue Agent/Authority Letters for USMC dependents (dependents of other branches must be processed by their own branch of service). The individual designated within the Agent/Authority Letter may not use it to make purchases for themselves, another individual not entitled to privileges, or for personal gain - any abuse will result in an immediate revocation of the Agent/Authority Letter and the possibility of legal action.

To schedule a time to accomplish an Agent/Authority Letter, please contact Ms. Kerry Ann Francis at DSN 315-645-4039 or You will need the following documents in original form (not copies or scans):
  • Driver’s License of escort
  • Passport of escort
  • Family Registry (Certified Translation) or Birth Certificate of dependent
  • DoD ID-Card of dependent
  • Medical necessity statement (Translated)
    • The medical necessity statement  is not required if dependent is under 18 years old or the dependent is physically present
Please print the Agent/Authority Letter Checklist to assist in completing the Agent/Authority Letter. Additionally, please complete and print a Base Pass Application  and Background Record Check.