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Frequently Asked Questions
My ID card was confiscated at the gate, what do I do?
Per DoD policy security personnel are authorized to confiscate an ID card under certain circumstances. If this happens you will be given a receipt with instructions and if you are still entitled to an ID card please bring that receipt to the ID Card Center for your ID card to be reissued. You must still satisfy all ID card issuance requirements, please review the information found on this website concerning the required documentation for your circumstances. Do not worry about your confiscated ID card, it will be returned to the ID Card Center for termination.

I'm having problems with the scanner at the gate (DBIDS), what do I do?
The scanners utilized at the gates are part of a system called DBIDS, this system automatically pulls information from DEERS. If your ID Card has been newly issued it may have problems scanning until the information updates across both systems (typically by the next day). If you are a non-US national and your ID card continually reads as "terminated" it is likely that your DEERS record has not yet been updated with your ITIN or SSN, please bring your ITIN letter or Social Security Card into an ID Card Office. If you have a different issue with the DBIDS scanner, please visit an ID Card Center to ensure everything is correct within your DEERS record and ID Card. If there are no problems with your DEERS record you will need to contact the Pass/DBIDS office at Legion Gate, Camp Foster.

I work with a branch of service other than the USMC, can I still be helped?
Under most circumstances, yes! All RAPIDS sites operate under a Cross-Servicing agreement between branches of service. However, some situations in which a formal "dependency determination" is required (i.e. when claiming a dependent ward, parent, etc.) must be processed by your own branch of service. Additionally, former spouses who are entitled to benefits within DEERS must be processed by their own service.

I need to obtain identity documents that I no longer have, what should I do?
While this is a very broad topic, the best place to begin your search is typically with the Vital Records department of your own state. The CDC maintains a list of Vital Records departments by state with contact information for records of Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce.

Can I use a photocopy/picture/scan/fax of an identity document?
In almost all circumstances, no. Only original and unexpired identity documents from the DoD List of Acceptable Identity Documents may be used. This is DoD policy and does not vary across organizations or branches of service in regards to DEERS. The only "copy" of an identity document which may be utilized is a Certified True Copy - this means it is a copy produced by the originating authority and officially stamped as such (i.e. only a Passport Office could make a Certified True Copy of an individual's passport). This is not the same as making a photocopy of a document then having it notarized, that is not a valid document the ID Card Center could use.

The state that issued my driver's license says it's still valid after it expires, can I still use it?
Unfortunately, no. If your state chooses not to replace your driver's license and leaves the physical card as expired, we will NOT be able to use this as a valid identity document per DoD policy for identity proofing (regardless of what the state's law say). However, some states will either reissue driver's licenses by mail (utilizing an old photograph) or mail an updated paper driver's license to individuals stationed overseas - we may utilize these as identity documents as long as they have a photograph, the name matches, and the document has a listed (unexpired) expiration date.

Can I use my local badge, credit card, or SOFA driver's permit as an identity document?
These items do not fit the criteria for identity proofing, we will not be able to utilize them as identity documents. Please review the DoD List of Acceptable Identity Documents for a complete list of documents which may be used for identity proofing.

When can my child get an ID Card?
Children are not issued a dependent ID Card until the age of 10, but many circumstances allow for issuance of an ID card earlier:
  • If both parents are Active Duty
  • If the child will be travelling without their parents (i.e. grandparents taking child on vacation)
  • If the child appears older than the age of 10

Does having a DoD ID Card mean I have SOFA status?
No, a DoD ID card does not mean an individual is or is not covered under the SOFA. There does not currently exist a DoD issued ID card that denotes SOFA coverage between the US and Japan. Additionally, base privileges such as MWR, Commissary, Exchange, and Direct-Care eligibility are not governed by the SOFA - eligibility for these privileges is determined by the ID Card Center within DEERS. DoD Policy dictates:

1.11. Overseas Limitations. Do not use treaties, status of forces agreements, military bases’ agreements, or other restrictions to determine privileges authorized. Restrictions to privileges imposed on U.S. Uniformed Services, DoD civilian and contractor personnel and their families in foreign countries are enforced by other means, such as ration control systems used to limit commissary and exchange privileges.