Moving to Okinawa


-Upon check-in to your unit, you will be directed to go to your Battalion mail room to receive your personal mailing address.  Unaccompanied Marines are not eligible for a PSC receptacle box at the post office.  


-Once orders and area clearances for your family members have been received.  Please send a copy to your sponsor for PSC receptacle assignment.  This can be done no earlier than 30 days prior to arrival/check-in. 

-Your serving post office will be based on your work location and housing location. 

-Upon arrival to the island, please check-in with your serving post office.  You will be required to submit a copy of your orders and area clearance paperwork to receive your post office box combination.  


-MPS/IDS mailings are not allowed to be combined with PCS moves.  No household goods are to be moved with MPS mailings.

Marine Corps Base Camp Butler