Camp Director, Camp Kinser
Mr. Charles D. Bush

Mr. Bush is a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO-3). He joined the Marine Corps in August 1977.  After completing Boot Camp at Paris Island, PFC Bush was assigned to Bulk Fuel Company, 8th Engineer Support Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC. In June of 1978 Lance Corporal Bush transferred to 9th Engineer Support Battalion, Okinawa, Japan where he met his future wife, Hiroko Maehama. In April 1979 he transferred to 8th Engineer Support Battalion, Camp Pendleton CA where he was promoted to Corporal (Cpl) and was selected to be a Platoon Commander of 90 Marines, a Lieutenant’s billet. On 5 September 1980, he married Hiroko, and on 4 July 1981 their only child, Eleina V. M. Bush, was born. Cpl Bush was honorably discharged in August 1981 and returned to his home-of record in Portsmouth, NH. In February 1982, Cpl Bush rejoined the Corps and was reassigned to Bulk Fuel Company, 8th Engineer Support Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC where he was handpicked to be the Company Training NCO for a 400-man company. In July 1982 Cpl Bush was promoted to Sergeant (Sgt) and assigned as a Platoon Sergeant, a GySgt billet. As the #1 Warrant Officer applicant from the 2d Force Service Support Group, he was promoted to Warrant Officer in February 1984.

After graduating The Basic School in Quantico, Virginia in 1984, Warranty Officer Bush and family were transferred to Okinawa. During his tour, he deployed often to South Korea to work on contingency plans which included modernizing and activating permanent fuel-storage and distribution systems for ground and aviation units deploying to Yechon and Pohange Korea. In 1990, CWO-3 Bush transferred to Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 371 in Yuma, Arizona where he worked extensively with Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One (MAWTS-1) and Naval Aviation to improve Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP) operations then initiated an extensive rewrite of NAVAIR 00-80T-109 for aircraft refueling. In 1995, CWO-3 Bush and family transferred to Okinawa for a tour with Marine Wing Support Squadron 172 where he helped finalize JP8 as the single fuel on the battlefield. On 1 February 1998, CWO-3 Bush retired from the Marine Corps to pursue his goal of becoming a High School English Teacher. 

In August 1998, Mr Bush accepted an offer to enter the Federal Service as a Transition Program Coordinator, helping Marines and Sailors transition from active duty to the civilian work force. In October 1998, Mr Bush accepted an offer to serve with Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa (CFAO) where he served as Emergency Management Officer, Antiterrorism Office, Security Officer, Training Officer, Defense Readiness Reporting Officer, Plans Officer, and Communications Officer. In March 2014, Mr Bush accepted a position with Headquarters, Navy Region Northwest, Naval Base Kitsap, WA as a Response Task Force Coordinator where he worked on nuclear-weapons incident plans and exercises. In May 2016, Mr Bush accepted a position as an Installation Protection Specialist, working Antiterrorism, Emergency Management, and Critical Infrastructure Protection for Camp Kinser, Marine Corps Base Butler, Okinawa, Japan. In Oct 2018, he accepted his current position as Camp Kinser’s Camp Director.       

In addition to numerous time-off and financial awards as a Federal Employee, Mr. Bush’s most prized awards include two Meritorious Service Medals while on active duty and the Joint Civilian Service Commendation and Meritorious Civilian Service Medals as a federal employee.

Mr Bush graduated from the University of Maryland with an English major. He claims Portsmouth, NH as home, and he is a long-time New England Patriots fan.